Smoking Warning Signs Indicating A Return

Quitting smoking gets easier over time, and if you can make it to one year without cigarettes, Nicotinell believes you should feel extremely proud of your accomplishment.

But even after a year of not smoking, there is still a risk of temptation. Roughly one-third of quitters who have gone a full year without smoking, return to it within 10 years, according to one study. You can prevent a relapse by watching out for signs that you might turn to cigarettes again and by responding the moment you experience a craving.

Experts have identified potential trigger moments that could cause a return to smoking. They include:

Being overconfident about your ability to stay quit, and thinking, ‘It’s just one cigarette.’

Being around people who are smoking.

Feeling unsocial and isolated from supportive friends or family.

Drinking (that uninhibited feeling alcohol can spark can lead to the choice to light up again).

Feeling unusually stressed (experts say this is a leading cause of a return to smoking).

Having feelings of anger, self-pity or entitlement.

Giving birth is a challenging time for new mothers and is known to cause smoking again.

Becoming frustrated over weight gain.

Frequently feeling tired and sleep-deprived.

Overworking and feeling you need a reward.

Letting your healthy routines lapse.

The emergence of negative, pessimistic attitudes that make you feel helpless.

Three tips to take back control

If your life has changed in ways that have you thinking about smoking again, consider these tips:

Talk with friends, family, ex-smokers or support groups about how cravings have returned. They can have a positive effect on your thoughts and your ability to cope with stress.

Try relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, massage or stretching exercises.

Correct your eating and sleeping habits. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day and aim for eight hours of sleep a night.

How to get started:

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