How Do I Replace My Smoking Rituals?

Now that you’ve quit smoking, you may find yourself thinking about how to replace your smoking rituals. Nicotinell has plenty of alternative ideas that are sure to help.

Take note that you don’t need to light up to maintain the social and physical aspects of your everyday smoking rituals. If you go out for a cigarette at certain times of the day — after having food, for example, or when chatting to a friend or having an alcoholic drink — go outside and do something else. Go to the park, call a friend, or find the parts of your daily smoking rituals that you like that don’t involve smoking and focus on those.

A little bit of exercise is also great for replacing your smoking rituals, whether this is by taking a trip to the gym or the local swimming pool or undertaking some housework or gardening. Your stress could be reduced and your weight kept down as an added bonus for getting more active too!

Used to having one final cigarette before going to bed? Wind down the day instead by enjoying a few minutes of comedy (reading a funny book perhaps?), undertaking some progressive muscle relaxation techniques or relieving stress with mental exercises.