Preparing to quit smoking

The day has come to put down your cigarettes and get started on your smoke-free life.

Form a quit-smoking support group

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How to stop smoking at home

Home is supposed to be a place of comfort, not a place of challenge.

How to stop smoking in cars

Here’s a fact about smoking – smoking while driving increases the risk of car accidents.

Successful ways to quit smoking

Many people try to quit smoking and fail over and over again. But it is possible to succeed.

How to stop drinking and smoking

Just because you’re quitting smoking doesn’t mean you have to give up being a social drinker.

Smoking and alcohol:
the facts behind two big addictions

Have a drink, light up a cigarette. Coincidence? Not likely.

Can you remain close to smoker friends?

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The connection between caffeine & nicotine

You’ve seen this scenario portrayed in countless movies and everyday life: coffee in one hand and cigarette in the other.

How does laughing reduce stress?

Just like taxes, Nicotinell is aware that stress is one of those things we unfortunately have to live with.