Successful Ways To Give Up Smoking

Temptations to slip up can seem like they are everywhere. Here, Nicotinell provides some helpful tips and techniques for successful ways to give up smoking to help you stay on track.

How to get your partner to help you give up smoking

When someone close to you smokes, it gets that much harder to quit. There are strategies that help.

How to successfully quit smoking

Whether it’s running a marathon, starting a business or quitting smoking, there are proven strategies.

Do’s and don’ts for smoking slips

Having a slip-up doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Try these tips to keep your slip-up just a slip-up.

5 alternatives to smoking at lunchtime

Check out some ways to avoid lighting up during the stressful workday.

Dealing with cigarette cravings after eating

Check out some tips to help subdue those after-dinner cravings.

5 calming techniques for when stress strikes

Tobacco cravings and urges to smoke are powerful and can lead to stress.

Moving forward after going back to smoking

You already knew that quitting smoking is hard. That doesn’t mean going back to smoking after a quit attempt comes easily.

Smoking warning signs indicating a return

If you can make it to one year without cigarettes, Nicotinell believes you should feel extremely proud of your accomplishment.

What to eat after quitting smoking

Weight gain is often a concern when quitting smoking, since cigarettes suppress the desire to eat.