Rewards For Quitting Smoking, You Deserve Them

Each time you resist the urge to smoke, you’re training your mind to break the link between that activity and a cigarette. Here at Nicotinell, we believe you should treat every act of resistance, big and small, as a victory to be recognised.

Experts agree that having a reward system in place to celebrate your daily victories can enhance your chances of success. It’s a valuable incentive. Frequent rewards for quitting smoking also make each day a little happier. Here are a few ways to celebrate your ongoing successes:

Fresh start rewards

Reward the start of your quit with a dental cleaning. Your newly-whitened teeth will help you feel much better about how you look and improve your confidence — a key to success.

Reward fund

Start a reward fund with the money you’re saving from quitting. Take pleasure in how it grows with each pack not smoked.

Milestone rewards

Consider a reward at the end of each week without a cigarette. Think about things you can enjoy over the weekend, like dinner at a hip new restaurant, a day at the spa or tickets to a game.

Little rewards

Write down your daily victories. Read them over frequently, and give yourself a treat such as tickets to a sporting event or a small shopping spree for every 10 victories recorded.

Monumental rewards

Consider a big reward for when you finally quit, such as a vacation or new smartphone. Begin saving pictures that remind you of your ultimate goal to a Pinterest board.

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