How Do I Stop Smoking?

Have you found yourself asking, how do I stop smoking? There are millions of people who successfully quit smoking each and every year and, here at Nicotinell, we know you can be one of them.

There’s a different journey taken for every person who chooses to quit smoking, though there are a few simple ways that can help you find your motivation to begin. Watch the video to the right for some quit smoking tips to get started.

Ready to start quitting smoking then? Here at Nicotinell, we have some effective nicotine replacement products that will help you reach your goal. Both our nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges are convenient and discreet solutions which release nicotine to help manage that peak urge. Then there are our nicotine patches, which provide you with a consistent supply of nicotine for up to 24 hours per patch.

It’s also recommended that you prepare for a smoke-free life. This can be achieved by forming a smoking support group so that you can get a helping hand from those who are important to you whenever you need it, as well as looking at your home and car so that any smoking temptations don’t linger once you begin your quit.