Form a stop smoking support group

Receiving support from people who are important to you can make a big difference in the success of your quit. Nicotinell presents some potential team members to get onboard.

Friends and Family

Tell people you’re close to that you’re planning to quit smoking and ask for their help. They might include:

  • Spouse, partner or anyone you live with. They’re going to be on the front lines with you when you begin to go through nicotine withdrawal. They can also help you prepare your home for your quit.
  • Children. They’re great for emotional support and cheerleading. They also serve as a constant reminder of why you want to quit smoking.
  • Friends. They can offer emotional support and distract you from smoking.

Successful Quitters

Receive guidance from former smokers with firsthand experience.

  • They can share unique tips that may also work for you.
  • They understand how difficult quitting can be and can help keep you motivated.
  • They provide a role model to look up to.


Get advice from those with experience helping others quit smoking. They include:

  • Doctors. They can advise you on the effects of smoking, how and why to quit, and answer most questions about what’s happening during your quit.
  • Pharmacists. They can help you select the right form of nicotine replacement therapy for you.
  • Smoking cessation advisors. They can explain the details of a quit attempt and help you create coping strategies to personalize your quit.

Online Team

Having additional sources, 24/7, for support and guidance. They might include:

  • Quit-smoking blogs.
  • Effects of smoking/advice websites. A resource for facts and tips on quitting, such as the NHS stop smoking website.
  • Apps. For on-the-spot advice and support that you can access anytime.

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