Starting your quit smoking timeline

Your quit journey won’t always be easy, but Nicotinell has tips and strategies that will help you get started on the right foot. Begin your quit smoking timeline now.

What to eat when quitting smoking

Fight cigarette cravings and keep the weight off with these healthy food options.

Stopping smoking before bed

Avoid smoking at the end of a long the day, when cravings hit hard.

What happens when you stop smoking

Having a strong emotional reaction to not smoking? You’re not alone.

5 ways to work around your morning cigarette cravings

Nicotinell has some healthier ways to kick off your day.

Creating “me” breaks

Smoking breaks revolved around making time for yourself. Even though you no longer smoke, you can still enjoy a little downtime.

Rewards for quitting smoking, you deserve them

Each time you resist the urge to smoke, you’re training your mind to break the link between that activity and a cigarette.

Your new good morning ritual

When you are quitting smoking, Nicotinell is aware that waking up each morning brings the realization that there will be no cigarettes today.