Will I Gain Weight If I Quit Smoking?

When you’re beginning on the path to stop smoking , a common query that may go through your head is ‘will I gain weight if I quit smoking’. Fortunately, Nicotinell is on hand to give you peace of mind around this concern.

Weight gain can be caused as a result of quitting smoking. This is because smoking accelerates your metabolism, leading to your body burning calories at a faster rate. The habit suppresses your appetite too, while you may also find that food tastes more delicious once you stop.

However, just remember that in the situation that you do gain a bit of weight, it will be nothing compared to the many good things that you’re doing for your health and wellbeing. If you continue to gain weight after a few months, try to analyze what you’re doing differently. Reduce your fat intake and choose healthy snacks, for instance, which can include:

A wholegrain muffin


A low-fat yogurt

Wholegrain cereal

Unsalted nuts

Air popped, unbuttered popcorn

Low-calorie ice cream bars

Look to increase your physical activity to help burn off extra calories as well, whether that be with a regular stroll outdoors, going for a jog, joining a gym or doing a spot of housework or gardening.