How Do I Use Nicotinell Patches?




Three simple steps are all you need to remember for using Nicotinell patches:

  1. Each Nicotinell patch can be used for up to 24 hours. Apply a new nicotine patch every day, once you have removed the old one.
  2. Each Nicotinell patch needs to be stuck to a new area of skin which is unbroken, dry and hairless. This can be on your upper arm, upper back or hip.
  3. To make sure the nicotine patch sticks properly, smooth out their edges before applying.

Also take note that you should consider different doses depending on what type of smoker you are. Moderate to light smokers — those who have less than 20 cigarettes per day — should choose either the 7mg or 14mg patch and use one each day for 3-4 weeks. If you are a heavy smoker — meaning you have over 20 cigarettes a day — you should opt for the 21mg patch and apply one each day for 3-4 weeks.

It is difficult to quit smoking. It takes about 84 days for most of us to get used to it and in fact the first 2 weeks are arguably the toughest. To give you the best possible chance to get past those first 2 weeks, it may be worth giving combination therapy a try. Combination therapy is simple. It is when you use more than one nicotine replacement product at once. For example, wear a patch all day. Take a lozenge* or a piece of gum when you get the urge to smoke. Please note, you mustn’t wear two patches at once.

Combining treatments gives you the opportunity to attack your smoking habit on two effective fronts and in a way that you can manage around the clock. . It's a useful method if you need extra support to stop smoking. Please note, however, that you should make sure not to smoke at all, if you are using the 1mg lozenge in combination with the patch.

To find out if combination therapy is a wise move for your journey to quit smoking, check out our suggestion tool and find information about each treatment option.

*refers to 1mg lozenge only