What Should I Expect In My Second Week Of Quitting Smoking?

There are a few things to expect in your second week of quitting smoking, as Nicotinell explains below.

Before we go into detail about what to expect, just be sure to think for a moment that you’re on your way. But you’re not out of the woods just yet. Make sure you’re aware of your smoking triggers, which could be any of the following:

Emotional triggers such as being anxious, bored, down, lonely or stressed as well as more positive ones like being excited, happy or satisfied.

Pattern triggers like when drinking alcohol or coffee, driving, finishing a meal, taking a break at work, talking over the phone, watching TV or before going to sleep.

Social triggers which can include going to a bar, attending a social event or being with friends who smoke themselves.

Withdrawal triggers such as the craving for the taste of a cigarette, smelling cigarette smoke, keeping hold of lighters or matches or needing to do something with either your hands or mouth, or both.

It’s much more simple to avoid smoking triggers once you’re aware just what they are. If it’s a trigger that you can’t avoid, like work, find a replacement for your smoking rituals.

The second week on your journey to stop smoking is also a great time to reach out to a friend or loved one for encouragement. They’ll be proud of your progress so you’ll be happy you took the time to get in touch.