I’ve Tried To Quit Smoking Several Times. Why Can’t I Quit Smoking?

The question ‘why can’t I quit smoking?’ may well pass through your mind if you’ve attempted to stop numerous times but find yourself going back time after time.

Just because you haven’t succeeded yet, Nicotinell assures you that you can quit. Try to learn from your slip-ups. Figure out why you fell off the wagon so you can avoid putting yourself in similar situations in the future. Choose a new quit date, and then try again. This time, you may be able to quit for good!

When you’re ready to try your next attempt to stop smoking, be sure to prepare so you can make that journey that much easier. A smoke-free life can be achieved by setting up a smoking support group with those who can offer a helping hand whenever things get tough, as well as checking out your home and car and ensuring any smoking temptations aren’t lingering once you begin your quit.