What To Eat After Quitting Smoking

Weight gain is often a concern when quitting smoking, since cigarettes suppress the desire to eat.

Here, Nicotinell has listed five healthy eating guidelines so you know what to eat after quitting smoking both for the first stages of your quit — and forever after.


Eat three meals a day

Don’t skip breakfast. Starting the day with a small, balanced meal reduces hunger and improves energy.


Eat between meals

Have a mid-morning, mid-afternoon and evening snack. Snacking keeps your blood sugar levels stable, reducing hunger. Just keep your snacks healthy and in small portions.


Eat food from farms, not factories

The less processed a food is, the more likely it’s good for you and not packed with calories and additives. The best choices are fresh fruits and vegetables. A bag of grapes is healthier than a bag of chips. Make half your meals and half your snacks fresh produce.


Beware the carbs

Too much sugar and highly-processed foods can lead to weight gain. Instead, choose healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and wholegrain cereals, pastas and breads as the basis of your daily diet. Limit processed foods like cakes and cookies for special-occasion treats.


Don’t drink calories

A great policy is to try to get through a day without consuming calories from what you drink. You may not realise just how many calories are in beverages. To find out, read the nutrition information directly on the package. Calories from drinks can quickly add up. Read your labels and be aware of how many calories you’re drinking. Choose water and herbal teas over sugar-laden, calorie-dense drinks.

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