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Helps relieve nicotine cravings and manage weight whilst quitting.

Don’t trade one bad habit for another

When you give up smoking, it can be very hard to stick to a healthy diet. So it’s not surprising that the average long-term weight gain for someone who quits is 3-4 KG (6-8lb). But Nicotinell® Support Icemint gum helps relieve nicotine cravings and manage weight whilst quitting. So you stand a better chance of cutting out cigarettes without putting on weight, helping you to get rid of a bad habit without starting any new ones.

Discover how Nicotinell® Support Icemint gum can help you

Nicotine withdrawal is a well-known trigger for increased appetite that can lead to weight gain. So, when it comes to choosing between giving up cigarettes or getting in shape, many people are tempted to put their waistlines first. As Nicotinell® Support Icemint gum contains nicotine, it could help you manage your weight whilst quitting.


Easy tips to stop cravings

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Nicotinell® Support’s
usage and dosage

Nicotinell® Support’s usage and dosage

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Chew one piece of Nicotinell® Support until the nicotine taste becomes strong.

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Let the gum rest between your gum and cheek until the taste begins to fade.

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Start chewing the gum again.

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Repeat for about 30 minutes until all of the nicotine is released.

The dosage and amount of Nicotinell® Support gums you chew each day depends on how much you smoke, how strong your cigarettes are and whether you’re cutting down or quitting. Nicotinell® gums are available in 2mg for average smokers and 4mg for heavier smokers. Ask your pharmacist for advice.